Help with Superman model. (updated)

Hey gang, i’ve updated my superman alot and i’ve become blind.
What the heck is wrong with him and how do i make him look better and more realistic?
I’ve been working for to long on this that i cant see what’s need to be done.

Any help is appreciated, don’t be nice, be honest. thanks!

the shape of his feet seem off. Also, he could use some meat on his arms.

Some ideas:

I think you could make a more proud pose of this by pushing the chest a bit more forward, fill his lungs. Try the pose yourself and compare it with the image, that may help.

If you’re going specifically for the Christopher Reeve era, then he wasn’t muscle bound. He had an athletic build. Tall and lean.

The upper torso is a little too simple I think. Possibly a little too wide across the chest. Although he was athletic, he didn’t have the kind of distinct V shape some body builders develop in the upper body.

There’s no rib cage defined. In any images I’ve seen of him the lower portion of his rib cage was always evident. The pectorals are merging too far into the deltoids too.

There’s some decent images here. See how your models stacks up against them for the proportions.

Hey, yes, it is Reeve im trying to do.

Appreciate all your inputs guys. And Another thing is when i did his face i had the camera Close infront of his head. And it looked good and all, but when i move the camera back to make his body fill the frame the face becomes more and more orthographic.

I’ve tried adjusting the focal length and sensor size but it doesnt do much. Any advice on how to fix that?

Here is a pic from the front camera. To show what i mentioned in the post above.

Also, doesnt his arms look short or to small or someting?