help with switching of scenes plus character?

I have 2 scenes and I have a Walking animated character.
1.) Room Scene with door(setScene Actuator to Living Room Scene upon collision)
2.) Living Room Scene

When My walking character collided with the door, the scene changed to Living room, but without my character. How can i solve this? Please Help. Thanks

i guess the character is part of the removed scene?

to solve it:
use a main scene in which you have the character to load the different backgrounds into that main scene. if you switch the background scenes your character will not be removed anymore.

hope that helps

You must “Link” the desired objects to the desired “scenes” with Ctrl-L keys ( for a basic approach/game).

can anyone give me blend example, even just a simple plane and a cube? thanks

I have encountered a command prompt that says
something about clock…?
how do i solve it. I was making my character move, and it gave me an error. please help. thanks.

Here’s a basic example:

Thanks OTO.
So technically, the example you have given me shows constant camera position?
What if my character is followed by the camera? how is it possible that if he is transported to the next scene, the camera of the next scene would also be following him?

Well, link the camera too!