help with texture

im fairly new at blender and in a scene i have created i want to make a faded dirt road. however i do not know how to paint textures. i can vertex paint but i have some nice textures hat i would like to use. thanks for any help

there are several ways to do this

1 - get some nice procedurals textures and aplly theses
at the site for beldner proce tex

2 - you cold also get some nice pic at CG texture and apply theses

3 - you could also paint with particules system but that more complicated to do

4 - you could also use UV mapping of a picture on your model

hope it helps

well i understand 3 and 4 a little but can you explain how to do 1 to me please.

you can go at this site and select whichever texture or material you want and download it

then you can simply apply it to your model


let me explain this a little differently i have a terrain that is a single plane and i want to draw a dirt road on it. (or whatever other method there is to make a path. i do not have a seperate model for the road. how would i paint a texture on my terrain

when you say paint texture are you talking about the particules system?

or just texture mapping ?


well witchever way allows me to paint a dirt path. if you know what vertex painting is. is there an equivelent to vertex painting if you were to paint textures

If you have just a single plane, I’d say you’re best off making your texture in Photoshop/GIMP/whatever and then applying the texture in Blender.

may be you should read more about texturing

in wiki to give you a more general idea on texturing in blender

there lot’s more ways to texture than only vertex painting
which is one of the oldest way of dong and not very flexible to get high res image pic or proc textures

good luck

thanks guys for the help

one last question in the mode drop down there is a mode called texture paint do you know if this applies to what we are talking about

Yes, but to use texture paint, you must create a new image before.

I’m not sure that you know that Blender has a hierarchical structure : Before adding a texture, your object must have a material. After, you can add a texture (image is one of the choices in the texture menu). Then, you have to choose the way the texture will be applied to your model : the system of coordinates (Global, Orco, UV, Win…) If you are new to Blender or 3D, I’ll really advice you to read the Wiki manual or purchase a book about the basics, because the simplest things at first glance are not always obvious.