Help with textures and empties?

I have a brick structure where the bricks are procedural. They look fine on some faces, but are either skewed, or distorted in size on others.

some have suggested using empties, and, I presume, each surface getting the bricks would have its own instance of that bricks procedural, and an empty would control the alignment, tilt, etc. of the bricks.

Now, I am new to blender, and I want to confirm if this ^^^ is a good idea before I launch into the hours of work. Also, if it DOES make the bricks patterns behave the way I want, what if I need to tweak the color or the clouding, or some other aspect, but leave the brick lines as they are?

if I have 25 faces getting the bricks, that suggests I’ll have to tweak 25 instances of the shader!

I know I am still learning, but I keep seeming to get boxed into corners…

thanks for any hints on how I can wrangle these bricks.

the wierdness is shown in the pic, which I’ve posted previously.

thank you


Just create seams and unwrap the model. I think I told you this on your last thread. If not I apologize.

Even if you are using a procedural brick pattern, you can still map it to UV.

Yes, you did tell me that, and since I’m new to Blender, the unwrapping methods are new to me…

but thank you for clarifying that you can map a procedural to UV.

Are you aware of any tutorials that can help me develop the skills for this task?

thank you!


Should get you started learning to unwrap. There are a thousand ways to slice a cake, no tutorial is going to show you how you want to do it. If it did, then it wouldn’t be your creation.

If you upload the blend, we may be able to help more though. From the pics it looks like you need to seam it at each of the corners. As you progress with modeling, you will start to model items with unwrapping/texturing in mind. And you will probably start to build things more like real life.

IRL things are made of seperate objects Your mesh there would probably be better if you extruded out of each wall where you want the bricks. Then select your new faces and hit P to seperate them into individual objects. Now you just have to map it to cube to get the effect you want. Don’t worry about meshes sticking through each other, in Blender two objects can occupy the same space at the same time.

Don’t be confused by me saying model it like real life, 3d is also all about fakery and trickery. It is the art of faking it to look real.

Also think about what you are trying to achieve. Is it a movie? or just a nice picture? Is the whole model ever going to be visible from all sides? If not get it good on one side and let it go.

When I first started I wanted to make a movie, and I started modeling the planet that the movie would be set in. It wasn’t until I tried to start modeling the cities on the planet and the people and the cars that I realized I was off track. :eek:

All that matters is what is going to be “in the shot”.

Good luck, and happy blending.

thank you for the link and for your advice…many good thoughts in that!