Help with textures


(BeatrizRey) #1

Hello everyone. I’m new with the 3D world and I’m really enjoying it.

However, I imported this character from DAZ Studio to Blender and when I applied the textures maually it turned like this. You can clearly see it on the eyelashes and mouth. This a Cycles render.

Any solution? I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance and keep on enjoying Blender !

(alf0) #2

i am not really sure
but frome where i see the the eyelashes are missing a transparent chanel
the lips might be eather assigend to a defrrent material or that something is really wrong

(BeatrizRey) #3

Thank you anyway. Do you know which is the character making program most compatible to export to Blender ? So I won’t have issues like this

(Roken) #4

Although now discontinued, Manuel Bastioni Lab is still among the best.

(BeatrizRey) #5

Yes, but is it easy to add download and add poses and clothes to the characters?

(Roken) #6

Poses, yes, there are many built in. Clothes, no. That’s on you.

(BeatrizRey) #7

Ok, good to know. Thank you!