Help with textures


I just made a new building and want to apply a texture to just the roof part. But i have two issues, one the image is either too large or too small so i need to scale it correctly, and when i apply it to the roof it applies it to the entire building.

I’m trying to assign it to just the faces of the roof.

Can some one explain my mistake? (see image)



Add one material to the roof and another material to the rest of the building

Thanks thats what i was looking for!

Though quick question, won’t that cause an issue with the roof having different slanted directions ? As it is an L shape roof? Which in the image you can see the roof is wrong on the corner part.

Uv unwrap your mesh and you can control how the texture is mapped. Blendercookie also has uv unwrapping tutorials

Ok will take a look! Thanks!