Help with the Blender game engine (Rain)

Me and some people I know have been working on an RPG for some time, but we would like to know, is there some way to make rain in the game engine? I would rather not post about the actual game right now, but we are gratefull for any help or tutorials you guys know of. If this isn’t where I’m supposed to place this thread, please tell me. Thanks for any help!

There are tons of different ways to make rain in games, but I can think of 2 basic ways.

First way would be to have a cylinder parented to your main character with collision on the faces turned off. Then you can apply an animated rain texture with the rain falling.

Another possible way would be to have empties above the character, also parented to him, that are constantly adding “rain planes,” that is planes with a rain texture mapped onto it. They would move around randomly, you’d need about 10 of those to make a decent effect.

Probably the easiest way to do this would be with an animated texture mapped to a plane that is then duplicated (with alt+d to save resources) a bunch of times.

You cold also put an animated texture plane directly in front of the character and parent it to the camera. Then, whenever the camera moves, the ran is always in front of it. The downside is if the player looks up =|.

I hope this gives you some ideas.


Cool, thanks! I’ll have to try these ideas out.

Alright, I tried one out, and it seems to work pretty well. I attached a .blend to show you guys, but I don’t know if I did it right. If I did it right, could you tell me what you think? Thanks for the ideas. :smiley:


Game Engine Rain Kit 01.blend (140 KB)

The problem with that method is the rain drop has to be modeled. Also, each drop has to be modeled. While this can give a more realistic effect, it is more resource intensive. Also, you’d probably wan’t to make like a grid of those empties above your field.

I personally would probably go with the animated texture approach, but to each his own.


any ideas on where to get the texture?

Look for a tutorial on making animated rain in say a forum sig. This should give you an idea on how to make an animated gif for rain.

Then look around for -[Killer]-'s animated texture tutorial to make it into an animated texture.

I would go with a plane, cause in a game with a lot of polys it’ll help the preformance.

looking sweet though!

i start thinking like u , core43 , but its much cpu expensive. I dont like the rain texture types because if u look up, the rain flooding dont see anything real. the nice rain its made creating like groups of rain drops, making an unique object to process. from this form, appears be much rain drops and its only one object to process for the cpu. Like this:


Can you explain how it was done? I think that might work.
edit: One more thing, the game is 3rd person, and you never look up, only down on the character.

I’m making dynamic rain example. I’ll post it today. It ripples water when it collides =D

groups of rain drops

But that is still cpu intensive, we are talking about amount of faces too, not only physical object.

The solution will depend on the game, a racing game doesn’t care about looking to the sky, a FPS game does, so both solution are most likelly to be different.

Well, this is a 3rd person RPG, so there is no need to look up.

in that case the texture solution is good. For make of the rain, i make one rain drop and duplicate it randomly, making a big group, then, i make it all one only object with alt+ J . I don’t notice the difference with the rain activated or without it. For moving the object i use motion actuator. the only problem its the colision with the floors or buldings, because isn’t realistic.but im looking for one solution

wow awesome!

if you use a place for the rain, and it’s 3rd person, no one will notice a differance!

here’s what yuo do
where you want it to rain you add your normal amount. where you want it to stop you add half as less so it doesn’t suddenly stop, bur fades out. cool idea? lol i got it from a game.

That’s a cool idea, but I don’t know how I would do that. I only need a small area of rain that I could just parent to the character to avoid excess and unessesary rain

It’s done! It’s at Blender Resources |

It’s awesome!!! :yes: one problem tho, how do I get it to cover the whole map? it’s a pretty small map, too. Is there amny way to do it besides duplicating it over and over? (blender crashes:() This is really cool, thnx killer. :wink:

As I said, I’m writing a script to allow rain to cover infinite distance. And It’ll be 100% accurate. It works the same way fps work. To make bullet holes. It should be done next week.