Help with the "new" NLA Editor in Blender > 2.74

Hello can anyone help me to understand this new stash and put down “operators”? i can’t figure it out, blender manual doesn’t help either and what i want to do is simply have a “library” of actions like run, jump, walk, etc. But every time I create an action in the dope sheet and “store it” in the NLA editor happens that now if I click new action I have the same?? shouldn’t this suppose to create a brand new action and not a copy of the last??? I’m very confussed.:(:mad:

Dont know if this helps…If you select a bone on your rig then then select the action you want to use it will be active other wise the Nla editor seems to take control, Push down places your action as an active strip in NLA, Stash places it as an inactive strip in the NLA thats what I have found out so far, to store your actions so they will always be available click the F button so save as fake user .

Also if you create a new action in the action editor by clicking on the + button it will be a copy of the current action just select all keys and delete then rename.

Oh, thanks for your response i’ll try it.