Help with the stencil featcher

Hi there,
I am trinig to use the stencil featcher to make a net out of a plane primetive,
Does anyone know how I can make the black areas transparent?
I have tried what feels like every thing as far as alpha settings,
Help would be greatly appriciated,
Here is the pic


I’m new to materials and I’m sure I understand exactly what you mean, but the stencil option in the map to window is described here in the wiki manual. You have to put it in a texture channel above the image texture.

Image 1
• Set the materials Alpha to 0 (in the material panel).
• First set up the top texture channel as the transparency stencil.
• In the texture panel (F6), choose Image for texture type.
• Use a black and white image of your pattern.

Image 2
• In the Map To window in the materials panel, disable Col and enable Alpha, Stencil, and No RGB.
• Then just put your image in the second texture channel and you should get the result you want.

However, I believe a normal procedure would be to use a partially transparent image for this sort of job (as described here).

Hope it helped
/ Mats


Thanks Mats,
I will give this a try