Help with this problem in edit mode

(I alreay try for help in reddit and Blender Stack Exchange for help,but no one help me,like usually in this community)
Sadly I need to learn this trash software for modding,but whenever I advance,another problem start. I need that the model fit perfect in the manikin,but when Im going to edit it in edit mode,the model shows weird,and its complete imposible to work with it

Someone can help me,please?

well, how can you expect to be helped if you are so rude…


Im tired of having errors everywhere

This is not an error, but first you should edit both your first post here and your question in Blender Stack Exchange otherwise no one will answer.

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You know how to fix this?

Well I guess what your problem is.

All these 3D softwares are very complicated because they can do a lot, I doubt you can find a powerful 3D software that you’ll not judge as “trashy”

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if I could use 3ds max believe me i wouldn’t touch blender not even with a stick

Looks like user error, you’re going to have the same “problem” regardless of the software you use.

Upload the file and someone might help if they feel like it.


no it’s not an error, it’s the mesh when non deformed by armature :wink:


then export .fbx and use 3D max if that works for you

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I wish that was that easy

I’m guessing it has something to do with resting pose? Sorry i am not well versed in rigging and such :stuck_out_tongue:

if you switch to edit pose when your mesh is affected by the armature, yes, by default you’ll have the mesh as it, i.e. as it is when the armature is in rest pose, but you can make it stick to its pose in the modifier (On Cage option).

I think On Cage option misses something though, the transform gizmos won’t stick to the pose position, which can make some edit tedious

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Good to know, thanks.

OK, I agree with @moonboots it is hard to want to help when your first post starts by trash-talking the software you want help with… Just like the first time you tried 3dmax you had to learn how to use it… same here you need to learn the software.

Now the problem…you are trying to fit a model in the “A” pose to a Model in the “T” pose… it’s not going to work…you need both to be in either A or T poses

Well I gave up,exported it and and I did it in 3DS Max,it was so fast and 0 problems,thank god I´ve learn that I can use Blender only as a Bridge :smiley: