Help with topology on model of CRT TV


I’m a beginner who started modeling a CRT TV in Blender, I made seperate parts that I then started connecting together, I also tried to use mostly quads, but right now I still got lots of n-gons and some tris.

While I was getting rid of the n-gons I thought I should just ask some pros if the mesh I have right now even has usable topology. I want to unwrap and texture this TV, and I’m not sure what kind of topology I need for that.

As of right now, I got the body part of the TV and a seperate screen part that fits onto the body.
Can anyone explain to me how such a model would be done properly, because even though I corrected some n-gons and tris and made them into quads, I got a quite messy mesh in return.

Here are some pics: