Help with topology


I need help with picking a good topology for one piece of my model.
The problem is that I’m starting to add details and I’m ending if terrible topologies.
I’m trying to avoid triangles to have a better mesh to work with cuts. But I feel I don’t have the skill. :frowning:

I’m just a hobbyist, so please if someone can point me the best way to go I will appreciate.

I’ve built a blender file with isolated part and few options i could reach for topology. But no clue which one is the best, or even if I’m in the right way in any of them.

It will be a high poly version to be used to generate normal map and ambient occlusion.

Mauricio Abud


goodquestion2.blend (152 KB)

Good topology really has a lot to do with the rest of your model as well. This looks like it is maybe a panel of a plane, and I don’t know how it will fit into the rest of the model. So the topology I selected might not be the best. Second, edge flow is important, so some topology though pure quads won’t have desirable edge flow. I modified your file so there are two panels. One I made to have pure quads but horrible edge flow. If you edge select on a loop you pretty much get the whole mesh. The second one I selected has pretty good edge flow, and I modified to have pure quads. That is the one I would go with. Some of your other meshes were good; and can easily be made to have pure quads but again, look at edge flow. Also try subdividing some of them to see if they subdivide the way you want. Keep up the good work, I was impressed that you got some many different solutions for the same problem; that is what will help you grow is not to paint yourself into a corner by only doing things one way.

goodquestionAnswered.blend (302 KB)

Just too keep things simple… it doesn’t really matter what it is and how it’s shaped, just make sure
that the edges are always forming a 3 dimensional grid. If you want to use triangles just use them on flat surfaces or try and hide them in such a way so you don’t see any distortion in the rendered image(s).