Help with transparent texture in Cycles

Hey, I can’t figure out how to use a transparent texture in Cycles without seeing any black parts.

This is the node config I used in the material:

and this is the result on a plane:

The png I used:

Anyone know how to fix this??

Have you tried swapping the diffuse and transparent shaders

When alpha = black = 0 = transparent = top input of the mix shader
When alpha = white = 1 = solid = bottom input of the mix shader

You have done nothing wrong ;). Tell if this file works for you and if you see any differences.

You really don’t need to give the transparent color an alpha value of 0, it’s a transparent shader, the total transparency is dependent on the brightness of the color assigned to it (not the alpha of the color).

Welp, what I foolish mistake I did, thank you all for your help.