Help With Typography (Band Logo)

I traced the outer portion of the lettering and have moved on to the “holes” for the rest of the logo.

How can I turn this into a solid object? I’ve tried filling the outer portion by using the “F” function and then using a boolean to get the holes, but the mesh goes to hell.

Does anyone have a better solution?

I was trying to achieve smooth/beveled look with metallic reflections for the finish product.
(PS: The logo is for a death metal band, I imagine it’s not easy to read) lol

Thank you for your time!


Kidding aside, I would recommend doing this with inkscape or some other vector editor, then import the svg into blender. If you really want to stay in blender, then I would advise using curves. They are somewhat more stable than Boolean meshes. If you really want to do booleans meshes, then make sure they have some depth by extruding them, the boolean modifier has a hard time with 2d meshes.

Hope that helps!

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loool nice trees fam.

Perhaps curves would be best, but I wanted to try using what I got unless it’s completely pointless.
It’s only supposed to be a static reflective object with a bit of an extrusion and bevel

You could try converting the mesh to curves, so you don’t need to start all over.

Are you tracing an existing logo? Cause inkscape can robo trace raster images, it’s a little rough, but it’s a good starting point.

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Yes, I’m tracing an existing image. I’m going to try converting the mesh to curves and let you know how it goes.

I really appreciate the help dude, thank you!

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Finished tracing the logo and converted to Bezier Curves. I still plan on doing some minor tweaks and maybe adding scratches, brushed metal texture, specular maps etc

But all in all, I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

Thanks again for you input SterlingRoth, it helped a lot!

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