Help with Ubuntu Problem

I’m running Ubuntu 12.10. I was modelling with Blender and then suddenly the screen just went black and the keyboard lights went off also. The PC is frozen and I have to do a hard reset (pressing the reset switch) to make it work again.
This happens occasionally.

This has happened last week and it has happened again today. I am using Blender whenever it happens. I am not rendering when it happens.

Could this be a bug? What is it?

I think it is time to switch back to Windows 7 again.

GPU is fine by the way.


What does that mean? Does this mean that your hardware works well? Or does that mean that you have available CUDA (GPU compute) on Blender? Have you installed the proprietary drivers for your graphics card? What version of the drivers?

In Ubuntu or family I recommend you always use LTS versions (14.04 is the latest). The end of support for 12.10 was 05/16/2014.

If you want, you can analyze the system logs or the output of “dmesg” looking for error messages. But I really recommend you install a new version of Ubuntu (LTS). I also recommend to try Kubuntu 14.04 (KDE). After installing the system remember to install the proprietary driver for your video card.

You are right. I installed Ubuntu 14 LTS and the problem did not recur yet