Help with UDIM Node Setup

Hello Blenderartists!

My current project needs me to use a UDIM setup for one image texture (split up into eight tiles, A1/A2 - D1/D2). That means I need an UV setup like 1001-1004+1011-1014, right?

But the only UDIM setups I found look like the one I put into the attachment (it´s from Jason Clarke,, just ONE row instead of TWO (1001-1008). I tried to change the min/max values of the mapping nodes that I won´t need (1005-1008), but the results are looking strange as soon as I try to enter [1,1/2,2] (1012) into a mapping node, all of the following included…

How can I achieve the UDIM setup I need? Screenshots are appreciated.

Thanks all of you beforehand

Attachment: udim_converter.blend (585 KB)

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? You’re aware of… Thread: [Addon] Cycles Multi-Tile-UDIM non destructive painting

Hi, I am not familiar with UDIM but the closest you can do in Blender without UDIM support is to scale your uvs with the mapping node, and then move them about (afaik). Attached is a blend file with node groups for manipulating coordinates : node_group_coordinates.blend (699 KB)
You probably know this but the uvgrid goes from 0 to 1 in each dimension, and both the rotation and the scaling happen relative to the origin (bottom left corner).


@burnin Thanks, I saw this already, but I assume it´s for painting (creating maps with UDIM style) instead of mapping (insert already done maps with UDIM style). I don´t know, but I wasn´t able to find any node setup like mine which is responsible for the mapping only…
@Hadriscus I´m looking for what you quoted, but (I´m sorry) I don´t really understand your node setup… :no:

Sorry for asking again, but I attach another file which I created with the UDIM coordinates 1001-1004+1011-1014, but the setup doesn´t work properly. If you could tell me what I did wrong, that would be REALLY great!

Thanks all of you beforehand!

Attached File: UDIM_tester.blend (572 KB)


like I said I am not familiar with UDIM so bear with me if I am misled, but you have two ways of creating multiple maps in Blender : actually creating multiple UVmaps, and creating a single UVmap and then scaling and moving the textures inside the UV space so that they each occupy a portion of it. These nodes allow you to do that.
Updated blend : node_group_coordinates.blend (775 KB)

Oh ok, I get what you’re trying to do. I tried adding a second row but didn’t manage, sorry. Maybe the heavyweights can help you.
That being said, if you’re not particularly keen on keeping this exact interface, you can always use the nodes I provided. Use the move node to move the textures to any virtual tile, and remember to use “clip” on each texture so that they don’t overlap one another.


A simple setup to work with the 1001-1004/1011-1014.
This can be extended to anything (and I think is way better than the Mapping/Checker way of the video tutorial).UDIM_tester_2.blend (633 KB)

Oh, thanks a ton!! This literally saved my day! Thank you very much!

I have texture made with mari. It has 15 uv tiles. Your UDIM converter it’s great. But it has 8 tiles. How can I setup more tiles

use the node from the post above, and inside you can add more ‘greater than’ and ‘rgbmixes’ to fit all the 15 uv tiles.

The logic is quite simple: if the X coordinate is greater than 1 then use the second color input. If bigger then 2 then use the third, and so on until the last X Udim tile. Then repeat the same for every Y UDIM tile.
here’s the structure of it:

y < 1 and:  x < 1 --> Color(0)
                  x > 1 --> Color(1)
                  x > 2 --> Color(2)
                  x > 3 --> Color(3)
y > 1 and:  x < 1 --> Color(4)
                  x > 1 --> Color(5)
                  x > 2 --> Color(6)
                  x > 3 --> Color(7)

   x:  0  1  2  3
y:1  [4][5][6][7]
y:0  [0][1][2][3]

Adding more X’s tiles is done for all Y’s; and adding more Y’s will duplicate the X’s tiles.

Thank you very much!