Help with understanding Blender, Ogre / OgreKit / GameKit


I’m sorry that this is so long, but I want to put it in context:

I am currently working on trying to get a simple game up and running on a mobile device using Blender and OgreKit. I have downloaded OgreKit and have been able to run the demos on the phone. Surprisingly, I found that if you change the blend files in the demo that is for the phone, the blend file will usually work. I am particularly interested in the momo_ogre.blend file that came somewhere in the samples folder with the package (because it actually worked on the phone) and I have been trying to re-create a much simpler version of this to get a basic understanding of how to make games in blender (a stick figure walking on a plane with touch input).

Although I have watched tutorials on how to make a game, I don’t think this is the typical type of games shown in tutorials since it is working with ogrekit. If you open the momo file in blender, under the “Game Logic” layout there is a panel on the bottom which is using “State” for actuators and Python scripts in “controllers”. Which is what I’m confused about.

In “Controllers”
There is a little box to the right of the “x”. Sometimes it is a paper with a letter F on it and other times it is some picture with orange on it. What is the difference between those two.

In “Actuators”
I see that they used “State” and named the first one for example State.Goto(Run) which looks like code and I was wondering if there is any relevance to that since I was not able to find code that seems to use this.

What is the difference between using “State” as opposed to “Motion” or “Action”? Is it better to use “State”?

In “Actuators” when I tried re-making this file on my own I found that in the “State” boxes next to “Operation” there is a drop down menu for set state, and next to that there are three rectangles cut into 10 pieces each and some of those little boxes contain a circle. What are these circles for? My simple game example only had one circle.

Also, under “Actuators” below the three State boxes, there are three smaller boxes below which are “MeshMomo”, etc. I was wondering where those come from?
My guess is that this file is made up of multiple other files, but I do not have much experience in using Blender in order to know what all these things are and how they are working together.

I just want to get a very simple map and character onto the screen which responds to touch input from a phone. So far, I have a simple stick figure that is rendering on the phone, but it does not move. I have animated it in blender though and it works with keyboard input, but not on the mobile device itself since it does not have a keyboard.

In addition to help with those questions, can someone point me in the right direction on where to find tutorials of how to make games using ogreKit with the scripts and all please?

Thank you so much in advance.

When you see the state boxes what your seeing is visible states and initial states.

Little boxes that contain a circle - This one is simple. All that circle means is that there is a portion of logic in that state. Every little box is a container for logic or a State.

you should see 30 boxes in bricks of 10.

Visible - If the box is a darker shade then that state’s logic is visible in the logic panel.

Initial - This means the game engine will begin and the logic in the dark boxes will be available for use.

Example - the game fires up and you have logic in a block that is set to initial. This logic set your character in an idle animation. Next the player presses a key on the keyboard to move the character.
This will probaly fire some logic that will change the current state to a new state that might have logic to move the character and play a walk cycle animation.

States are the best way to divide your logic into chunks thus giving you more power, to hide logic from other logic and to keep your logic clean and manageable.

Prof. Monster has a great post on states and pretty much all things BGE.

Thank you so much, this helps a lot.

Just a quick follow up. When you add a controller ( and,or,python etc.) there is a number in a box. If you click it you will see the 30 states again. There you can choose what state you want that logic to reside in much like choosing a layer in your veiwport.