help with undo

i dont know why but when i hit ctrl z it goes back to the starting point of an object, for example say i the object starts at point A. then i move it to point B. scale it a little bit. then rotate it. then scale it a little more but decide it got scaled too much so i hit ctrl z. the object goes back to point A as it was before i scaled or rotated.

did u scale and rotate in edit mode ?
if yes try to crtl+z in edit mode

i actullay just figured it out. when i saved the object its ipo was saved along with it. so i had to go to the ipo screen and delete them.

If you are on an “important” project (or at least to your heart), make copies of your .blend before tweaking massively. This helps too, when troubles come with finding back the good work already done…

yeah iv screwed up so many models by doing this by mistake- editing a model, then going to object mode and undoing- then when I try to shift ctrl z, it says there are no redos available… I wish there was a warning screen or something-YOU IDIOT- YOU ARE IN OBJECT MODE AND HAVE EDITS IN EDIT MODE-are you sure you want to continue