Help with upbge

I did not. all i said is if you show some effort or the pieces of script you are struggling with, then we are able to help. Because very simply said, google will answer the most basic questions without a problem. And without knowing what you have already…it’s just a big guessing game for us.

We all support people who really want to go for it, but you need to give us more then a question that looks like if there is another person who want to have everything handed to him, and that’s why i only started to help you when YOU posted an example of the code you had/had found. Because then we know what you are up to and can guide you better.

Even a demo .blend file with the bare minimum to let us see what you want and can’t get would be of help for us who are willing to help.

For bge/upbge versions, avoid 0.3.0 unless you know what you are doing, it’s in very early alpha stage, and won’t be really usefull untill atleast next year. So what version to use then? Indeed do not use older versions, but they didn’t tell you that bge 2.79 and upbge 2.5a are the correct versions to use.

Any BPY code you find around the net can be forgotten, it does not work in the game engine, only in blender internal or in upbge 0.3.0. so just forget about that.

To decide what you want to use it’s either normal bge 2.79 if you want to stick to the official branch, or if you want more options (graphics/python/etc) and bug fixes then you should use upbge 2.5.

What do i suggest? upbge 2.5a (a being a final release with some additional bug fixes from 2.5)
For python it doesnt matter, all code you find that is for bge 2.6+ and upbge are all working in upbge 2.5, some minor things have changed, but when you hit that wall then just ask or read the upbge docs.

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For 0.3.0 you can find it in the docs/changelogs, they did document all new functions, and script changes.
There isn’t really a big difference between 2.79 scripting and 0.3.0, most used change they made was into the key- and mouse inputs with python. Other then that you can still keep using the scripting method you already know.

I simply asked for more help. I had single lines of code from various people here who expected me to be able to do anything with them without asking further. I posted in a few different forums so maybe you didn’t see what I had. I’m starting from scratch. I had NOTHING to start with, so what do you expect???

None of the code I was finding with google was working for me. I can’t ask the people who posted them and expect as quick a quick response than from here so I asked here.

Not interested in arguing defending myself any more.Just ignore me if you want to think I’m sucking for code because I’m lazy. Quit insulting me!

cotaks is not after you personally, what he is saying is pointed towards everybody who comes here and want stuff handed to them on a silver platter without doing anything them selves.

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Well I’m not entirely happy with being talked to that way when he could have just ignored my posts altogether. If he doesn’t want to help, fine, just ignore me. But don’t lecture me. I find it arrogant.

i wonder why you defend yourself, no one is attacking you.

I will, have a nice day.

How do I make a new post. Sorry for having to put it here but I can’t find any guide to how to use this site

you just did!
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Sorry I don’t know where any posts are at. This website layout doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t understand what a “topic” is nor where I can even tell when a post ends or begins.

a topic is a conversation about a specific subject. Each reply is a post. people often go off topic.
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When I duplicate an object, the logic is tied. So that means when I need to slightly modify a bit of logic I must create it from scratch rather than just tweaking it. Is this a bug? Is there some way around this? How can I unlink the logic?

Youle recently fixed many of the viewport crashes - they had to do with video texture and the way the buffers were initialized / free

then right when he did that - the vulkan staging began breaking everything again.

I recommend a upbge 0.3.0 build from the 17th (1)

The knob doesn’t make a click sound:

  1. Right click on mouse turns the left knob from FM1 position to VILS1 position.
  2. Each FM1 and VILS1 is a different scene.

How can I make the click sound when turning the knob?

Thank you very much for any assistance. Thanks!