Help with uploading .png image in UV editor

Before I begin I’d first like to let you know that I am relatively new to blender so please be descriptive in your answer. Also, keep in mind I am using version 2.57.

I’m learning on how to apply an uploaded .png image to a mesh. For starters I’m working with the monkey. However, when I go to upload the new image this error message comes up: “Can’t read: “(insert image name here.png”, No such file or directory.”

Am I doing something wrong? Because it is a valid image, I can’t imagine what would be wrong with the image itself like the error message is suggesting. Here are the steps I’ve taken so far:

-marked seams on the monkey
-unwrapped the monkey in the UV editor
-added a UV test grid to the whole monkey
-selected the area where I would like the image to appear
-projected that selected area from view (pressed “project area from view”)

The selected area is visible in the UV editer area, then right after that is when I go to upload the image and that’s when the error message shows up.

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

i have no trouble uploading .png images in the image editor. i would see if it does the same thing for all png’s. if it does not, then try copying the image your trying to upload, and pasting it somewhere else and changing the name, just in the image is the problem and not blender.

good luck :slight_smile: