Help with using time

I’ve recently moved to Lynchburg to live with a lady and two elderly people with poor hearing, and I’ve been using Blender recently.
It’s been a little hard for me to focus because I don’t have a job and I’m trying to use Blender, but when I work on one tutorial, I sometimes can’t finish it. Unless I go out into town, I have a lot of time to use, so what do I do? I am 21 and I am autistic. I like Blender, but I want to that along with reading, drawing, going outside, and playing Minecraft. What do I do? I want to use my time, but not focus too much on a single thing to the point I wear myself out.
Any advice?

For me using Blender is about 1% of the story.

  • How to create bumpy materials.
  • How to change render settings.
  • How to move vertices around.

All of these are some technical tasks that are only based on pressing buttons. In the same way as knowing how to write letters on paper.

The rest of 99% is working on ideas and experimenting. Which is something without rules and no guidelines. More or less you will have to think in terms of design and not in terms of using Blender.

So my suggestion is to watch only one thing from the tutorial and apply into your own work.

Is there are tutorial you watched recently and couldn’t complete? Sometimes you need some planning in order to go through the entire thing.

You’re very right, dude.

And also making a concrete/solid idea is the fundamentals of good output.

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What do you mean you can’t finish it?

Are there other things distracting you or does it feel like the tutorial becomes annoying?

They say time is the most valuable currency.

I just got another software called GameMaker Studio 2 for a year-long license, and I’m wondering where I could also make time for that along with Blender? I haven’t used Krita for a while, but I might use it again.

If you have anything autism-like go to a doctor with this problem. We are not competent to help.