Help with UV mapping for a newbie

I have a couple of questions about UV mapping, is there a really good tutorial out there that would cover majority if not all of UV mapping/texturizing an object for a somewhat newbie? (I’ve been blending for a couple of months) Or if you could answer even one of my questions below that would be great :slight_smile:

I know how to mark seams, unwrap into the UV editor, and apply an image, but thats as far as I go.

Whenever I go out of texture paint mode I don’t see my image on the object anymore, is there a way to apply that texture before I go out of texture paint mode?

How do you apply more than one texture to a single object?

Right, the reason you can’t see the image after you leave UV mode is because you have not assigned the texture to the material. First create a material for that object. Then more to the texture button just right of the materials one. Click the Add New button, and under the type drop down box select ‘image or movie’.

now scroll down to the section under ‘image’ and you will see a new button and a open button next to each other. to the left of the new button is a little button with a pic on it, click it and select your image from the drop down thing. Now go down to the mapping section. Under the coordinate box (which has ‘generated’ in it by default) select UV.

Thats pretty much it, you wont see it in the view port, but hit the render button and there go it will on your object the same as how you unwrapped it :slight_smile:

Ps; i dont know of any tutorial that covers texturing top to bottom, but i remember learning first time from a tut on BlenderCookie >> The part two of this helped me with uv mapping and the like :slight_smile:

Hope all this helps, like a mini essay lol