Help with UV Mapping transparency


I’ve searched many places, and I still can’t find a good solution to what’s going on. You see, I’m making a model which I wish to use in LuxBlend. But, for the decals I want to use, I think I have to UV map them, so they actually appear in LuxRender…

I have a basic, shinny material already applied to the one object. All I want to do is add a decal that goes around it. Though, whenever I do, the transparency never seems to work. First, the decal doesn’t appear at all, or it does and the whole object is white. Or, I make the verticies a group, and the decal is there. But it’s surrounded by black.

I am using a PNG, with Alpha already on it… I’m just rather new to UV Mapping. I’ve been using Blender for quite a while, but I never really went into UV Mapping before. ^_^; I’ve been kinda trying to avoid it till it was necessary.

So… What I wish to do, in a nut shell, is just add a transparent decal, or ‘tattoo’, to the object, with it already having the material.


(Kudos if you know what the figure is. :3)



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in the texture, click UseAlpha. In the Material, click MapTo. Set the base alpha for the material to 0. Enjoy.

I don’t have a texture made for the decal, I just have it UV mapped onto the object. o.o

There’s only the one material, and then the UV mapped part. Oh, and it seems the link above doesn’t work.


I don’t know about LuxRender but in blender you haven’t applied the texture to the material mapped to its UV coordinates. Don’t know if Lux uses this or sets its own materials so may be not applicable to your problem.


I’ve set up a Texture Image, with Alpha enabled, and it set to UV… But it’s still white, or black, and now it’s repeating. @_@