Help with UV mapping

(Aaron Henderson) #1

So I’ve recently made a simple building and started to UV unwrap it. I marked all the seams (probably incorrectly), unwrapped it, and applied a test material. It turned into this crazy mess. I’ve fixed a bit by editing and rotating the shapes on the UV map but i would like any tips on how to fix this.

(colkai) #2

Pretty much this. There’s no other way than doing the task of editing the UV map so the various parts are oriented correctly and then assinging out parts to different materials as required.
If you use Substance painter, it can be much easier as, providing your uvmap has no overlaps, it’s simple to use. Within Blender though, it’s just rotating and scaling parts of your UV to line up.

(Aaron Henderson) #3

Yeah i thought so, damn oh well. Thank you!

(Tea_Monster) #4

For front facing objects with one unifying texture (say, bricks) then I would align the camera with the face of the building (Numpad 1 or 3). Then I would set the view to orthographic (Numpad 5). This means that the viewport camera and the face of the building are directly locked together in angle and attitude. Select all the camera facing polygons that need to feature the texture.

Once I’ve done that, I then hit U to unwrap UVs, but instead of just selecting ‘unwrap’, I choose ‘project from view’. This will directly image the uvs from the viewport. As long as you have chosen orthographic view and have aligned the viewport camera correctly, it should give you nice and straight UVs. Rinse and repeat for each face of the building.

(colkai) #5

TeaMonster has the heart of it, for buildings, I wouldn’t work any other way. I also tend to mark seams on the edge ring of a window, then manually adujst them in the UV editor to remove the distortion of bricks on the inner edges.

(Aaron Henderson) #6

Thanks that helped a lot!

(Aaron Henderson) #7

So using your advice wielded great results but now i have a different issue.

now i have these extra areas around my unwrapped faces.
they seem to be connected to other vertices within the mesh and i have no idea how to remove or fix them.

also all the faces within the model have been unwrapped, i know i haven’t missed any.

I’m not worried about the overlapping uv islands right now either, i know how to fix those but i cant move them without the crazy outer edges of the map getting fixed first.

(colkai) #8

Looking at that to me, you’ve missed some faces out for proper uwrapping so they are just included any old way. The map doesn’t look ideal, even ignoring overlapping faces.

(Aaron Henderson) #9

Yeah i think i have a fix. I unwrap everything using the default unwrap and then i do project from view for any of the faces. Thank you!

(Tea_Monster) #10

Those are faces somewhere in your mesh. They won’t turn up on the UV otherwise. If you are confident that they are internal faces or on the underside of the building and are not going to be visible then you can just ignore them. These are officially ‘bad habits’, but unless you are sharing the Blend, then nobody will know.

The other thing you can do is to enable ‘keep UV and edit mode mesh selection in sync’ in the UV/Image Editor. If you set the mesh to wireframe, as you select vertices in the UV edit window, they are selected in the 3D viewport window. Now, if you ‘B’ to box select the corners of the underlying UVs in the UV Edit window, and leave the other faces you have already UV mapped unselected, you’ll see where the ‘non-existent’ faces really are. You can then individually unwrap them properly.

(animelix) #11

1Tipp: for some architecture-tasks, it’s practical to map the texture ‘per objekt mapping’, its independent of changing the topology of the building, and independent of the size of different objects etc
No distortions after editing some of your windows.
2Tipp: in 2.80 it’s possible to set the size of texture while unwrapping with ‘cube-projection’, not as practical as tipp 1, but still very fast.

(Aaron Henderson) #12

Thank you! I should probably learn all the mapping options before undertaking such a complex task.