Help with UV mapping.


I made this bowling pin and now want to texture it.

Here it is split up into many parts.

I selected 2 parts of the front
and in the UV editor hit the E key for LSCM Unwrap.
This is what I ended up with.

My questions are…

1.Is there a way to flatten that section out
so there is no curve?

2.Did I really need to break it up into so many parts?

I’m trying to learn and looking for any
help, tips or advice.

I don’t have a host or I’d post the .blend for you guys
to check out and work with.


  1. Not without a lot of hassle

  2. No, you could have used one seam top to bottom.
    2a) From window might have been an easier choice for this model (but then you wouldn’t have got the practice).

a) Care to put that numbered image up without the mesh on it so I could grab it?


No, actually it’s quite easy, by pinning UVs.

Select the corner UVs marked with white circles, and pin them: UVs > Pin § Then move them to the pink crosses so they align in a rectangle shape. Now you can do another LSCM, and it calculates it all again, but keeping the UVs that you pinned in the same spot. It should turn out much more like a nice rectangular grid, which you can then clean up by aligning rows and columns of UVs.

Pinning is a vital part of using LSCM!

Now you can do another LSCM, and it calculates it all again,

Hey, cool. The vital part (like a slap upside the head). Thanks for that.


I would have started with a Cylinder UV unwrap to have good UVs for pinning.

I’ll give you a copy but you’ll have to PM me
with you e-mail address so I know where to send it to.

Here are some unwraps I did.

1 Seam from top to bottom.

2 Seams from top to bottom.
Front and back.

4 Seams from top to bottom.
All 4 sides.

1 Seam on front with 2 circle Seams.

Same as above with caps hidden and
UV Calculation > Cylinder

Hey broken, I tried out what you suggested.
I’ll post my results later. :expressionless:

Well broken I try what you suggested.

As you can see it works but there is a slight problem.
Even with Layout Clipped to Image Size some are outside.
And it’s not laying out straight.

What’s the problem?

Hmm, yes sometimes it’s done that for me too :confused: You may be able to get it a bit neater by pinning that top middle UV and moving it down a little. You can either try manually cleaning up the rows and columns with Weld/Align, or just try a cylindrical unwrap, like bm suggested.