Help with video compression.

Hello, i’m kind of new to this website, so i’m not sure if this is EXACTLY where i should be posting, but it does have to do with rendering.
so, i made an animation test. and rendered it at 720P overnight.
it all went fine.

but, when i viewed it, it was compressed.
Here’s the video.

It basically got compressed to half size.

I had it set to output an AVI with an MPEG-4 (divx) codec.
Is there a way to keep it from compressing?

Don’t use a codec…that’s what codecs do, they compress. Never render video as a first run, always render to an image sequence first. That way when lightning strikes you won’t loose 6.5 hrs of render time like I did.

AVI RAW is about the only vidoe format that I know of that does not compress but the file sizes are HUGE and you’ll likely not be able to play it back at anywhere near normal speed.

… and use a lossless file format like .png or .exr (huge files).

Cheers, mib.

Okay, then what would i output that could also have sound?

You should always output to an image sequence first. Then you import the sequence into a new .blend or a separate scene, add your sound and finally output to a video codec. That’s how you get your sound without loosing gobs of render time due to a power outage or a computer malfunction. Image sequences render out to video codecs fairly quickly.