Help with visualization on a webpage.

Not really sure if this is the greatest place to post this, but seeing it really has nothing to do with CG, I’ll go ahead.

I may or may not get a little bit of work. If I do, I will need to have a game engine simulation on a webpage where you can mouse over to move, click buttons, etc, like a web-based game, I guess. I’m fine with doing the simulation in the GE, but neither my dad nor I (we’re sharing the project) know how to make it work. Exactly how we get the simulation into Flash to put on the page, I don’t know. We know how to put a Flash based simulation onto a webpage. We just need to know how to export the simulation from Blender in order to put it in Flash.

I hope that babbling made sense,

You can import FLV into flash, or use an image sequence… but are you having some sort of trouble exporting or importing? It seems simple enough to me. You just drag it onto the stage, and flash even gives you options to select a neat looking playback skin, so the final swf file will look sort of like vimeo.

Did you read what she wrote? She wants to take a Blender GE project and put it on the web like a web game / web app.

And I’m sorry to say, but that is not possible to do. You can make the assets in Blender, but you’ll have to make the ‘simulation’ part in Flash / Actionscript or find some other means to get it online. Blender used to have a plugin, but it’s no longer being worked on and is no longer compatible with most browsers. There are other engines that have plugins, but all of them that I’m aware of require at least some level of code or scripting to make anything with.

Oh yar. If there was a way to do that, it would be quite awesome. There is a really cool 3d engine for flash, and a developer kit for it, but I think you’d have to make it entirely in flash, not blender.