Help with vortex particles

I am trying to make a bunch of particles (in this case money) go flying into a force field (a mid-sized safe) in a vortex/tornado like way. I have not been able to find tuts on using the force field particle interactions. Can anybody help?

You can use a particle emmiter emitting from Face with some Random. Position 4 empties front, back, left and right and a little way up then set Vortex Field Negative on all of them. Scale and rotate them (mainly scale) until you get a tornado.


what are empties?

Add >> Empty.


o.k. thanks

Here is a thread that I started about empties:

Fligh % -> I’m putting your solution in that topic. Thanks :slight_smile:

I think you might find it easier to animate this sequence in reverse. Put the emitter for your particles inside the safe, and animate them flying out. Then, in the sequencer or some other application, render the image sequence backwards to make it look like the money is flying in instead of out.

I often find it easier to do this kind of thing backwards because it’s a lot easier to animate something becoming chaotic, than it is to animate chaos becoming orderly.

It’s a neat trick someone taught me a long time ago. It also works for implosions and anything else where you have a lot of stuff coming together e.g. all the letters of a word coming together to form a logo. Just do it in reverse!


this is actually much easier to accomplish if you modify the time IPO of the particle emitter object

i did not know that. thanks!


thanks everyone, I think that this will work