help with walk animation

ive made two animations

a walking animation beginning on the first frame nd ending on the 20th frame

and a breathing animation(which is named as “static”) beginning on the first frame nd ending on the 40th frame

but now my chara is only breathing nd doesnt walk when i click on the button

can some1 look at my project nd help me?


chara1uvarmaanim1.blend (814 KB)

This is because of the priority!
0 is highest priority
so you should set the priority at static to 1

thats all??? =D

Try it out it should work

yeah thy it works =D

Nice :cool:

now ive got another problem
i made a new chara because the previous one couldn^t jump

now ive made a new chara and theres a new problem

i save the pose of the chara in the first frame
but when i save a new pose in a different frame
the pose of the first frame changes too

help plss =(


firstchara.blend (620 KB)