Help with walk animation


im just starting this animation project and I’m looking for suggestions on how to get my character to “plant” his feet securely on the floor with each step. See link

I created a walk cycle in the action editor and placed on the NLA. Then grabbed the entire rig as an object and key framed it at the start and end positions. I adjusted speed (distance between start and end key frames of the object) but its still not quite right. I know I’ll have this issue in future animations so I’m looking for some good suggestions and techniques for a “firmer” walk/run.


With feet and all other armatures Parented separate to the main control. Have the feet walk away from the body. then have the body follow. Leave the main master/ main control parent thing stay put. this makes it easy to add in a little walk motion or bounce. Its less cartoon looking this way but you get good feet plant.

It looks as if your character’s feet are moving in the contact poses. The solution is to make sure in the animation that the feet aren’t moving when they’re on the ground. Assuming that the feet aren’t actually moving in the contact poses of your animation, instead of keying the root bone at only the start and the end, insert location keyframes on the root bone after every step, so you can move the character only when it’s supposed to be moving. So yeah, basically what kazinger said. :stuck_out_tongue:

Inserting at every contact point is a good idea.
Also how do I set the foot bones so they cannot pass thru my floor object?


If you’re using IK, just move the bone restraining it along the y axis. (g y)
Generally I won’t bother making sure the feet can’t go through the ground, but if you really want to you can use a Floor constraint. Add Floor constraints to the IK controls and use your floor object as the target (or just create a plane). Then just use the Offset to set the point where the feet can’t go through the floor.