Help with water simulations.

I have many questions but I will start with the biggest one for now. In my simulation I have a domain, an inflow and an obstacle. There are also other things in the domain that I don’t want the water to interact with. My biggest problem is that it won’t even bake. The status bar shows constant progress but the domain never changes from the cube. And I made sure I don’t have geometry selected in the view port display. Any suggestions on what might be the problem?

Any suggestions
Yes, show us your blend file so no-one has to guess which of the many possibilities may be applicable in this case.
Upload blend file to and come back with the download link.

Also please use the appropriate support forum rather than the first forum you see. Your computer mouse/trackpad enable you to scroll for a reason
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Richard is right, you need to include a blend file. But before you do, did you try to move the position in the time line? The water simulator doesn’t move through the time line while baking. Here is the link to the file. I simplified it and only left the objects in the domain that it interacts with because once I have the cache file I’m going to use it in another project. The domain is set to partial slip but I have both moving objects and still objects in the domain with different slips. I thought that might be a problem but I’m not sure. And This is my first time on BA so I will remember to select a better category and with uploading the .blend file.

There’s a few issues, but overall it’s setup more or less right. The big issue is that your inflow object is contained entirely within another rigid body object. Blender does not seem to like this, and as a result it chugs along with the bake, but nothing is happening to the domain. I moved the inflow sphere slightly above the rigid body object and it then at least bakes. The next issue is that you have keyframed the inflow to be 0 for many frames, then keyframe it to 10 for a frame or two and then back to 0. It’s not quite enough time to really get any fluid moving. I extended the duration of inflow another 10 or 15 frames. I also scaled the inflow emitter up a tiny bit, it seemed a bit small, and when your object is really small it hold together more (like a drop of water, sort of) I changed the location of the sim cache directory to my local directory, you’ll need to change it back or I think the bake will fail. I also changed the end frame to 75, and the fluid sim time to 3 (3 * 25 frames/sec) for faster test bakes, once you get it looking how you want ,change it back to the full amount of frames. Once you have it looking pretty good, up the resolution of the domain and do a longer final bake. Think hours. Right now it bakes in a minute or so.

I think you’re going for something close to this. I really like your explosion/fracture btw, looks great. Its hard to tell in this shot, but some of the shards fly along with the water. Cool effect.
Sim one-mod2.blend (1.25 MB)

Blenderallday, using your blend file I moved the inflow back into the hole and it worked fine. But when I did the same steps to my file it still wouldn’t bake. I deleted the key frames and then added them back and it seemed to work but only with the inflow above the hole. This still bugs me because I have gotten this effect to work in other files before. I think though that there is a problem with my file because I realized I hadn’t started the deactivation on the Ice (the things that explode. I’m making it look like my pond is exploding) So they should fall into the whole when it starts but they just float there. So I’m going to start over with this effect tonight and hopefully it all works. Thanks for your tips everyone.