Help with Webseries

I’m developing a webseries and want help with some proof of concept fx shots. Currently planning for five shots, in two scenes. One scene three shots would be integrated into live footage (I would provide footage.) I would work with you on detailed storyboards, direction, and exact length of shot (both scenes would be short, potentially less than ten seconds each.)

Footage would have to be very good/professional quality, suitable for HD output (at least 1080, potentially 2k.)

Scene one is an explosion on the far side of the moon. Shot would need a detailed Earth, Moon, growing bright light explosion, and a shock wave.

Scene two would be three shots: a passenger airliner passing overhead, same airliner crashing into a building (this could potentially be cheated behind), and a distant rain of meteors in a sunny sky.

Credit and use in your reel an absolute. Can also discuss work trade for graphic design or filmmaking work.

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Thank you!