Help with weight paint

I need to weight paint the shirt of a technoblade project I am making as a tribute but I don’t know how to select both the bones and weight paint at the same time so I have no idea what bone im weight painting for, I’ve looked at every weight paint guide I could find but the bones just had an orange outline everytime I entered weight paint mode and I couldn’t select any.

Here is the file:

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To have selectable bones, you have to have both paint masking and vertex selection turned off-- the buttons to the right of the mode selector while in weight paint mode. In object mode, select armature, shift select mesh, enter weight paint mode. It will help to have viewport display “in front” enabled on your armature.

There are other ways to select the bone you want to paint. The bone you want to paint is just the vertex group of the same name. This can be selected in properties/object data/vertex groups or via sidebar/item/weights if you have a weighted selection.