Help with weight painting

Hello, I am currently trying to finish up a base model for a character I made. I have run into a problem with the rigging. While I managed to fix most of the problems in the mesh’s weighting I have not been able to fix a few problem areas. Namely in these areas. This is after spending about two hours manually tweaking and editing weights.

I’m sure there are other problem areas, that I’m not seeing, those are just the most jarring. I will try and upload the blend in another post, since I can only have three attachments in a single post.


Here is the .blend file for this model. It has been compressed so I could upload it, I don’t know if that will make any drastic changes to the model.


Wolfe_BA_Help.blend (830 KB)

I used smooth brush and added one shoulder face extrude to fix arm mesh. Try improve mesh on other parts. This will solve the problem.


Wolfe_BA_Help.blend (838 KB)

Thanks for the help! Hopefully I can fix all the areas using your suggestion.