help with weird problem’s been a longtime since i posted something here for help.I’m still working on a game and i ran into some probs.well here is the blend file: .ok the prob is that if the character goes inside the house,everything works fine,but if you exit the house and go inside again,blender crashes.i don’t know why the heck.another thing when the health bar reaches 0,the game goes to another scene,but for some reason blender crashes when it goes to that scene! :x if anybody could help me i will appreciate it.thanx :smiley:

ps:copy and paste the link. :Z

If it stops there is a logic failier in your game.Its hard to fix I think.I got problems like that somtimes.
Workes fine for me :wink: .But much errors in console.(check in console mebe it can help)

it doesnt crash for me either =\ wish it did so i could try and fix it…

ahh see youre making good use of the paragraph script though =)

I couldn’t get it to crash either :frowning:

Looks like a good beginning to a game :slight_smile: Keep working on it!

Try checking all your add-object actuators. If one is trying to add an object that’s in a different scene, the game will just crash.

What is the “paragraph script” blengine?

What is the “paragraph script” blengine?

it converts long strings into readable paragraph form so you dont have to do it manually… like if you wanted to display a long sentence with bitmap fonts, chances are the words would trail right out of camera view, but this splits the sentence up into parts, and displays them in paragraph form so you can see everything… i had help writing it from someone in #gameblender(mnme i think, sorry if im wrong, been a while)… he wrote the actually function that splits the long string at a certain point

john john bought a jawn jawn by the jawn store when gargola sniffs panties

  1. it would be turned into:
    john john bought a jawn jawn
    by the jawn store when
    gargola sniffs panties

oh and gargola! it did crash for me a few times, but only when i hit escape… its weird =\ sorry i cant be more help… if i find something ill let you know

john john bought a jawn jawn by the jawn store when gargola sniffs panties


well,i hope someone finds the script useful,good work blengine.well,i never found what was wrong,the error was too weird…i dropped the project :(. but i’m working on another rpg game.thanx for your help guys.:smiley: