Help with what I hoped would be a simple build. (please!)

hi, I’m new to blender, but not 3D and hoped this would be much easier to model.

I need to model this star shape and deform it with a rig.

I used bezier curves to create the shape, but it’s giving me issues when beveling and rendering from what I assume is from the triangulation. the bevel modifier works, but I can’t change the size of the bevel. I would like the finished model to have a rounded bevel and be able to deform with a bipedal rig.

should I be creating this with nurbs or some other way instead?

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Try a topology more like this with radial symmetry and square quads. I started with a circle with 5 verts, and then extruded switching between median point and individual origins.

Bevel modifier is a bit strange now in blender 2.8.

It was easier in older versions for some reason. I think it is a bug.

Look at this file, I’m bug reporting this by the way:

bevel bug.blend (558.1 KB)

thanks, appreciate the quick response! the one thing that sets this star apart from a normal star is that the tips of each point are rounded whereas the parts where each point of the star connects to the “body” are sharp, which is why I used bezier curves. is that easily achievable in your method?

There’s no bug there. Disable Clamp Overlap and you’ll see what’s going on: the edges on points are too short to support the specified bevel width.

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Thank you! This has bothered me for a while. I wish it stopped at the max size. Thanks again.

how did you get the star points to be rounded and the part where they connect to the “pentagon” remain sharp? is this controllable?

I think I just figured it out.

I should create a shape with no subdivides, use a subdivision modifier and then apply it.