Help with wheels

So i was thinking of making a car game, which is simple enough. The only thing i have been having problems on is the wheels, to make them rotate correctly with the speed of the car, and look like they are turning. Can anybody help me with setting them up? Also if anyone knows how to make the friction a little bit more realistic that would be nice.

Here is how i set up my wheels so far.
car_example.blend (501 KB)

Circ =2 * Pi * R
Rot=( Distance/Circ)
Convert Rot to radians

About friction
I use

If own.localLinearVelocity>0:

You can toy with the numbers, I call this ‘carving’

Code assumes +x is forward

I can’t seem to get this to work. Any specific way i have to do it?

have you tried the vehicle wrapper?