Help with world settings overlay

I am not sure exactly how to describe my problem, but a while ago I made a 3D logo for a friend of mine. I went back to it an want to modify it. I had used the built in mist, with a World texture applied. I tried to remove that, but I find that the world color is applied over everything in the scene, making the whole project useless. I attempted to remove the settings I had on it but I am unable to figure out what is making it do that.

Attached are some pictures that might help.

Here is the .Blend file

Thanks in advance!


do you by chance have AO set to the world texture?

If AO is Ambient occlusion, then no.

I’m just a newbie and I’m just having a guess here, but I think it might have to do with radiosity and baking. I can’t say I know very much about it, but you might want to look at two pages in the manual: Radiosity Rendering and Radiosity baking.

Hope it helps
/ Mats

EDIT: Add Render Bake to those links.

I don’t think it’s radio, or there would be more of a lit look to it. It’s quite a bizzare issue, I can’t recall ever having seen anything quite like it. If nobody can figure it out, I think we should report it to the greater blenderers, like maybe martin.

In the Scene panels (F10) select the “Render Layers” panel then switch on “Combined”.

That will sort your problem.


Dude, thanks so much!! It worked!!! :smiley: you saved me a lot of headache and disappointment!

thanks again,