Help!! (with yableX)

Hi I’m trying to do render a blender scene with yafray by the use of yableX. The export goes fine but the render button does nothing. I only get the message: Unable to launch renderer!
That’s anoing because yafray does work, the YAFRAY_DIR is set (I’m using win98SE). If anyone could tell me what to do then I would be gratefull! :slight_smile:

Just take the XML and render with yafray through command line. That always works.


This may or may not be your problem… I’ve found that if I have a blend file with a space in it’s name then I get the error you describe… Take the space out and it’s fine… Might work for you too???

I’ve removed any spaces but it doesn’t matter. And I know the command line would be usefull but I want to render an animation and I don’t know how to do that with yafray (don’t want to start render every frame manually).
Is there an option to render animations with yafray?

i find that if the file name is over the 8.3 name format than it can’t render

have you downloaded the last version from here
the render from win has been fixed 2 week ago

MArco from kino3d forum wrote a python script to render yafray animation
just copy and paste and put in a blank file with your preferred text editor
save it and execute where you have exported your xml files

i can ask him to write some readme for it and put in a download format