Help with yafray?

I’m learning yafray to see if i can get some more realistic images, but i’m having some troubles.
In the blue arrow it looks like the wall is wet at some points and in the red arrows something is not good.
Can you give me a tip?

Rendered in Yafray, quality High.


I think more samples will fix that.


Sorry, what do you mean by samples?


i think he means that you messed up something with the texturing

maybe your textures arent tilable? thats what can make them mismatch in a patern like that

In order to get rid of that, you need to turn the CACHE off and use better settings. Higher settings mean less gainy effect, but longer rendering times (many hours).

Thank you very much!

One thing i tested after the post was to render the same file in both windows and linux (the above image was rendered in linux). Linux takes much less time to render it, but this problems do not appear in windows render.

I’ve made this test in 2 diferent computers, but latter i’ll make it with the same computer to see if the diferencies continue.

Thank you again!

its all about ShadQu(shadow quality) and Ref (refinement)

set those correctly and your image will look better.

I’m trying to learn YAFRAY too. I don’t know how to make a scene that looks like it’s day. My tries to make day-light renders be night-light renders. So what is your light setup? The result is pretty good daylight in Blender Internal but in YAFRAY night.

You may need to switch to OBJECT mode and select ALL., then scale everything down some, to a smaller size.

Now try doing some lighting tests.

To speed up the tweaking process use Shift+B to select a tiny part of the scene to render. Press F12 to render. Make LAMP adjustments as needed.