help with yafray

I know, there probably are a horde of these posts somewhere but the search button doesn’t find them. Also I registered for yafray forums last night and still haven’t gotten a confirmation to post email. It’s something that when searching the yafray faq/help forums/documents wouldnt solve for me.

Just installed the latest blender 2.4 and yafray from their site. They say if it gives the error message when xml is enabled “cannot find path” you’ve got to add it. Well I did, didn’t do squat :confused: If xml button is disabled then blender crashes instantly. Pics for reference.

Was really hoping to have it up and rendering before I headed out to work, but looks like its going to be a thorn in my side for a while longer. Win xp, ATI 9800 latest drivers system updated to the point of no return…

I think that you may need to go,
from within blender, to user preferences --> file paths --> and set the default directory for yafray xml export. (Top drop down,left side).

In your path statement (environment variables) add

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Exact same errors as before :frowning: and blender YFexport was already set to yafray install directory but I didn’t take the screenshot. Oh well the internal blender is good enough for what I can create at the moment anyhow.