Help with Yafray

To be blunt. I’ve been using Blender for about 2 years, and i still know very little about it. I’ve recently discovered Yafray, and I have two problems with it. One, it crashes Blender quite often, also, some materials in my custom material library will not show up in the render on Yafray, only as the default gray. If this helps, all of the materials i use are downloaded as .blend files.
A solution to one or both of these problems would be awesome.
Many thanks.

yafray can be unstable from time to time, best thing you can do is to see if you can reproduce the crash, and just don’t do that anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Not all materials are supported in yafray, have a look here and see:

BUT! you could also try the newest release-candidate of yaf-a-ray, found at the yafray ‘news section’ of the yafray-forum.

Thank you very very very much.