HELP!! won't load - 100% CPU - URGENT HELP NEEDED

Whenever I try to open Blender now, it doesn’t fully open and just hangs. Also, my CPU usage goes up to 100%. I checked my task manager and Blender is the one using up all the CPU even though it isn’t doing anything :o

I also tried doing an uninstall/reinstall. Nothing works :frowning:


I need help desperately!!
I have a project due tomorrow and it needs to be rendered tonight!!!

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

People need more info to help you

What OS, graphics card and drivers , version of blender. Has blender ever worked on the machine before? Did you add/update any programs lately?


It is possible, that its the ZoneAlarm problem - the firewall blocks Blender.

But more info on the problem would be handy.

I’m running Blender 2.37 on Windows XP. My graphics card is an ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 with 32MB of memory.

Computer specs:
2.8 gHZ Pentium 4
80GB hard drive

Blender has always worked perfectly since I bought this computer. I haven’t installed anything recently either. Just whenever I open the program now, all I get is an empty grey window.

I also tried shutting down all other programs, including ZoneAlarm and then running Blender. Still no success.

this might be random but i worked for another program i was having head aches with - try creating a new user, if it ask you to creat start groups or anything say no. run “msconfig” and stop everything from running at boot.

blenders very robust so creating a new user may be sufficent

i know this doesn’t really solve your problem but it may buy you a day.

hmm, the new user thing didn’t work…

but I experimented a bit and realized 1 of my other apps doesn’t load anymore either.

For example, when Flash MX starts, it just stops at the splash screen and freezes.