HELP!! won't load - 100% CPU - URGENT HELP NEEDED

(infizz) #1

Whenever I try to open Blender now, it doesn’t fully open and just hangs. Also, my CPU usage goes up to 100%. I checked my task manager and Blender is the one using up all the CPU even though it isn’t doing anything :o

I also tried doing an uninstall/reinstall. Nothing works :frowning:


(infizz) #2

I need help desperately!!
I have a project due tomorrow and it needs to be rendered tonight!!!

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

(GreyBeard) #3

People need more info to help you

What OS, graphics card and drivers , version of blender. Has blender ever worked on the machine before? Did you add/update any programs lately?


(MassTA) #4

It is possible, that its the ZoneAlarm problem - the firewall blocks Blender.

But more info on the problem would be handy.

(infizz) #5

I’m running Blender 2.37 on Windows XP. My graphics card is an ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 with 32MB of memory.

Computer specs:
2.8 gHZ Pentium 4
80GB hard drive

Blender has always worked perfectly since I bought this computer. I haven’t installed anything recently either. Just whenever I open the program now, all I get is an empty grey window.

I also tried shutting down all other programs, including ZoneAlarm and then running Blender. Still no success.

(alabandit) #6

this might be random but i worked for another program i was having head aches with - try creating a new user, if it ask you to creat start groups or anything say no. run “msconfig” and stop everything from running at boot.

blenders very robust so creating a new user may be sufficent

i know this doesn’t really solve your problem but it may buy you a day.

(infizz) #7

hmm, the new user thing didn’t work…

but I experimented a bit and realized 1 of my other apps doesn’t load anymore either.

For example, when Flash MX starts, it just stops at the splash screen and freezes.