[HELP] Workflow Rhinoceros 5.4.1 to Blender 2.8

(Matěj Bělohlávek) #1

Hey, I wanted to export .OBJ file to keep layers from Rhino in Blender. But when importing to Blender nothing shows and layers don’t work also. Here are screenshots of export process:

I also tried it in Windows enviroment and nothing changes. Another weird thing is that the .OBJ file is 920MB in size.

Thanks anyone for any advice in advance

(birdnamnam) #2

Check the scale of your objects and also check clipping in Properties (N button). You can select objects from the Outliner on the right, and scale them by 0.1 or 0.01. I have the same problem when I import objects that were modeled in mm inside Rhino. I think it’s a classic scale thing.

(Matěj Bělohlávek) #3

Thanks, but that doesn’t sort out issue with layers. I still have infinite number of objects and materials.

(birdnamnam) #4

This might have to do with your exporting options. Try different settings, like “As OBJ objects” etc. I’ve never exported so many objects at once, so I haven’t ever dealt with this issue.

(Dimitar) #5

Here is how you can do it:

  • I suggest you convert your model to meters and let rhino scale it for you, in case your’re working in mm. The model in Blender is much easier to handle in meters
  • in the export obj settings, make sure you check the export rhino objects names either as obj objects or don’t export names
    • one of the settings keeps each object separate
    • the other setting would combine all objects in each layer, which I have found works nicely in Blender, sub-object editing is so much easier in Blender than it is in Rhino
  • and then export rhino layer/group names: layers as obj groups
  • in blender, make sure your axes align to what you use in rhino
  • once your import is done, make sure you remove doubles

I haven’t test this in 2.8 yet, but this is the workflow I use for 2.79

It’s worth mentioning that @jesterKing, a rhino and cycles developer is writing a custom importer addon for blender that can directly open Rhino files. It works only for Rhino 6, but you should be able to download Rhino 6 beta for Mac. Here is the thread: Import Rhinoceros 3D files into Blender

I’ve also made a video on the process, in case you are interested:

(jesterKing) #6

You don’t need Rhino 6 to use import_3d. It should open older 3dm files just fine. Just make sure you save the files with the render meshes.

The usage of the Rhino compute technology requires a valid license, but that currently works only on my machine. And will be optional.

Oh, the importer is for Blender 2.80