(GustavoX) #1

Hello, pardon by my estupid grammar but i don´t know much english :-? , came to him to request aid so that they say to me as I can correct my error of uv texture, so that it is repeated in all the object :frowning: could help me? please, well the file blend this in this direction:

and this it is the drawing so that they see that I talk about:

(overextrude) #2

This same kind of thing happened to me once when I joined one mesh to another one (it was a hair mesh that I joined to a head mesh). The only thing I could figure out was that the mesh data was somehow corrupted, and the only way I could fix it was to replace the hair mesh with a copy of the original, and simply not join them. It may have been something else besides a corrupted mesh, but I couldn’t get rid of the problem no matter what I did.