please download this file and help me. the camera does not follow the character when the game changes between scenes.please look at the logic bricks to see what i’m trying to do…(maybe Saluk knows what i’m trying to do with the cameras).thanx. :slight_smile:

ps: when you see the first scene,press numpad 0 to go to next scene.

I have no clue why you want ot d this this way. Why don’t you just start out the game with the character in the scene, not with this “character creator” EDIT :wink: . Are you trying to make it so that you can choose from different characters or somethin? When you make layer 1 and 2 active and the character creator doesn’t have to add anything it works fine!


yes! i’m trying to make a character selection,duh! and you don’t have to say crap!!! no wonder nobody want to reply to your messages.Good Lord! :-?

Not quite sure I understand, but try just setting a prop on the character and using that prop to switch the mesh of the character.

i’m just trying to make a character selection screen,it’s just that i only have one character yet(the skeleton)…so,what i want to do is that when i select the skeleton head in the selection screen,the skeleton player appears on the next scene…that is done.but the problem is the camera,when the character is created on the scene,the camera won’t follow the character.for now,i’ll try what saluk said…

Saluk…i tried that,but it doesn’t fix the camera problem…still won’t follow the character. :frowning:

What I’m saying is, DONT create the player on the next scene. Have the player already in the main layer of the scene so that the camera will follow it right. Instead of adding a new character for the other characters, use replace mesh actuators to change how the player looks.

ok…i found a way to do it,thanx for your help Saluk,very appreciated! :smiley:

Sure thing.

Anything I can do to help :slight_smile: