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Hi, i used to use blender and i want to get back into it. I was wondering if anyone can teach me how to use it, I think i learn better with a teacher. Since i have used it before i should be able to remember some things so you souldn’t have to teach me from the very begining. Please help me.


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lol, i knew some1 was gonna post links, oh well…

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lol… I don’t think you’re going to find someone to sit down “with” you for hours at a time and teach you blender (pointing out now I’m pretty new and still learning myself, so I have no services to offer). What is available are a vast array of tutorial walk thoughs, a forum with a large base of experienced users, as well as a Blender chat channel. I know I had quite a few questions during my first tute, and the folks on #BlenderChat were glad to help answer questions on portions I had problems with.

Tutorials are just tutors with unlimited patience, and 3 extra letters. :slight_smile:


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Yeah…i have done so many tutorials i cant even remember how many. lol, but im still crap at it. Dosn’t matter then.

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As with most things, training is the only way to get better.
(I really should train more ;))

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