Hi there…

I need your help in creating a script!! Unfortunately, I’m on a deadline and don’t have the time to learn Python, so I’m turning to you guys for help. So here goes…

Generated by trjconv : in water t= 0.00000
1GLY N 1 3.934 2.806 3.086
1GLY H1 2 3.908 2.739 3.155
1GLY H2 3 3.852 2.835 3.037

So: t is obviously time, 362 designates how many molecules there are (I’ve only listed 3, in the first frame), 1GLY is the molecule, 1-3 is the molecule number, and the numbers going from left to right are the X, Y, Z coordinates respectively. What’s supposed to happen is for these molecules to move from one position to the next with each progressing frame/time. Total time in this animation is 1000 picoseconds.

Not sure if this is relevant either, but I’m running on OSX, and the original format is in text, but run in 2 other programs: GROMACS ( and VMD.

Anyway, I’d GREATLY appreciate this!!! Let me know if you need anything else. THANKS!!

If you have any specific questions about using Python in Blender maybe we can help. A more specific post title than “Help” is also a good idea, people might skip over it if it doesn’t have any identifying details on what you need help with :slight_smile:

If you haven’t already, try : for the Blender API and for how to use Python in general.

It sounds like your problem just needs a combination of reading lines and fields out of the input text (Python has functions to do that kind of thing), creating a mesh in Blender, and adding animation keys for it.