I am new to Blender I i stuck in making the eye. Could someone explain to me how to do it?.
I tried thiat and I stuck at the color part. I want to color the cornea only but It;s keep on color everythings

What exactly do you not understand in it? If you be more specific I can help you more.

Well I made a sphere then I duplicate the dots to create other parts of the eyes. THen I color the cornea and everything have that color.
here is the screen shot

Maybe you have the same material for all parts?

if they are all the same object you can select the differnt parts and then press “P” to seperate them or you can give them different mats but that is harder :expressionless:

Maybe you have the same material for all parts?[/quote]
Well that what I thought but’s I cant find out the solution.

Your best bet would be to select just the cornea vertices and hit ‘p’, clicking yes on the confirmation box that will popup.

Good luck, and I’m not sure if you’ve been welcomed to elysiun yet, if not welcome!

Thanx for the warm welcome!
Yeah I tried that and the same thing still happen. What should I do next? should I create a new material?

if they are separate objects, my guess is that they are sharing the same material data. in the materials window, there will be a box with a number in it (right next to the material name). This says how many users (different objects) are accessing that particular material. just click on that box to create a single user copy. Now, the material is specific to that particular object. Do that for each object and you should be able to edit their materials separately.

Yeah I did it you was right. Thanx! The next question I want to ask is that how can I make face in the circle? In the tutorial picuter you can see in the circle its shade grey.