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I need help, i want to save my toturial, i have blender new!
If i go to Scene (F10)
I have to fill in 3 things in three fiels under output!
I don’t know what i have to fill in these boxes!

first of all,…relax. someone will figure out what you are asking eventually.
however, you will get better results if you post in the correct forum, which is the ‘general’ forum.
personally, I am not quite understanding what your problem is though. if you go to the main file menu, you choose file>save as, and it saves the entire blend, including all scenes, keyframes, objects, materials, and everything else in one .blend file. if you want to export a scene as a video or animation, that is best done through the video sequence editor.

shift-A in sequence editor to load scene
set frames and format in render buttons
click ‘do sequence’
click ‘animate’

okey Borstie,
new user and all…

I moved this thread to the appropiate place “Blender General”, where it is suppose to ask questions concerning how to use blender, in general :slight_smile:

Ok thanks, but if i save it with KEYF2 It’s a .blend File, but how do i do to get a . jpg file?

In the output panel in F10, set the filetype to JPEG
Set the quality value if you want, but the default is usually fine (only for JPEG images, other filetypes are lossless).
Render (Click the RENDER button or hit F12)
File->Save Image or press F3 (with the main blender window on top, not the render window)
Type in the filename (be sure to include the final .jpg bit, blender won’t add it for you)

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Thanks for helping me, thats what i wanted to know ! :wink: